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Customer Service Button - Raspberry Pi Pico W

This guide assumes all settings are in their default states.

To get started, plug the button in using the USB cable and power supply.

Once powered on, the button will test the Status LED on the front.
It will cycle through the colors in this order:







Then off.

It will then try to connect to the list of SSIDs that are configured in networkConfig.py.
The Status LED will blink Red until it connects.
If it fails to connect, it will automatically reboot the chip.
The Status LED will turn solid Cyan once it connects successfully.
It will then attempt to set the Real Time Clock onboard, this way it keeps accurate time.
It will then send out the boot notification with startup info included.
You can disable this function in coreConfig.py.
Once it has completed its boot up cycle, it will turn Green.

Once the Status LED is Green, the button is ready to be used by customers.
You can configure SMS phone numbers in smsConfig.py.
Please note that the following carriers are the only currently supported:

Once a customer presses the button, it will send notifications to all of the phone numbers in the smsConfig.py file.

The button will turn Red while sending any notifications.
It will turn Blue once the process is complete.

While the button is in the Blue state, it can be pressed to create the Purple color.
Holding the button while in Purple state for more than 30 seconds, will reset the button to Green state again.
The button will wait in a Yellow state until the button is released before resetting to Green.
Hold to reset delay and enable reset notifications can be changed in coreConfig.py.

For any other issues, please visit support.

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