Electronics Recycling

BinTech now offers FREE electronics recycling! No more having to pay a recycling fee! The only electronics we do not accept are damaged batteries or anything with radioactive material, such as Smoke Detectors. This means we will take keyboards, mice, speakers, CRT monitors, non CRT monitors, TV’s, radios, surround sound systems, laptops, desktops, hard drives, RAM cards, sound cards, video cards, dial up modem cards, ethernet cards, wireless LAN cards, headphones, flash drives, external hard drives, game consoles of any kind, cell phones, land line and rotary phones, USB hubs, video capture cards, VCR’s, DVD Players, Laser Disk players, Floppy Drives, Floppy Disks, amateur radio equipment, FRS “Walkie-Talkies”, CB Radios, Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controllers, Battery Chargers, power strips, surge protectors, battery backup units or “UPS” devices (Batteries must not be leaking or must be removed before bringing in for recycling.), projectors, fans, car audio systems, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, any other single board micro controller, servers, network switches, wireless access points, routers, cable modems, DSL modems, dial up modems, cameras, DVR’s, power supplies, HDMI splitters, HDMI switchers, HDMI Extenders, USB Extenders, Audio Extenders, Bluetooth Devices, VR head sets, VR sensor units, VR controllers, reel to reel players, phono players, cassette tape players, CD players, and anything else you may have! Come surprise us with some technology we have never seen, even if you do not want to recycle it, it is always a wonderful day when you get to see a blast from the past.

For more info please email recycling@bintech-llc.com